Our Skills

Full stack development

From backend to frontend, from Python to HTML5, everything you need to access your data

Access your data with full control and security

Control your data back with our battle-tested secure search solutions for huge data catalogs

Anywhere, anytime

Reach your data anywhere, even offline with ours mobile solutions


  • Web frameworks

    Django, Flask, Pyramid
  • Deployment & Web hosting

    Docker, Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Webfaction, Locaweb.
  • Databases & Storage

    PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, MariaDB/MySQL, Oracle.
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

    Travis-CI, Jenkins-CI.
  • Search Engines

    Elasticsearch, Sorl, Lucene, Haystack.
  • Frontend techs

    HTML 5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, jQuery-UI, jQuery-Mobile, Backbone-js.